LED Down Lights

Brightgreen DR700 RetrofitLED Downlight DR700 Retrofit

The DR700 is an 10.5  Watt LED retrofit MR16 bulb with a total light output of 720 lumens, the same as the average 50W halogen according to the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency.  This LED Down light is designed to fit in your existing down light fittings in place of your existing 50W Halogen down lights.  It will work with a wide range of existing transformers.

The DR700 is dimmable (from 100% to 0%) straight out of the box using standard leading, trailing or universal Triac dimmers. It can also be dimmed using an Analogue 0-10V input to through the Brightgreen M-Dim. The M-Dim can also be used with the DH1 to automatically regulate light levels as they change throughout the day. The DR700 is compatible with most dimmers on the Australian market.
LED Product life is all about heat. The more heat you can extract from an LED- the longer it lasts. The DR700 is uniquely designed to dissipate that heat in hot Australian conditions ensuring its long life- a fact that is backed up with a guarantee of 3 years. And with an average payback of 2 years in residential and 1 year in commercial this means a guaranteed doubling or quadrupling of the original investment.

The DR700 achieves an exceptionally high 80% lumen maintenance at 70,000 hours which means 30 years down the track, at 6 hours use a day, the DR700 will still produce 80% of the original light output.

The DR700 has a failsafe thermal monitoring system that activates when it is exposed to ambient temperatures of 70° celsius. When the device activates, the light automatically dims. This increases the life of the product and reduces the risk of overheating.

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Ignite LED Downlight

8w GU10 fitting
Equivalent to 90% of a 50w dichroic bulb
Warm white and cool white colours
50,000 hour life
1 year replacement warranty
No transformer required
Eco friendly (no mercury or cadmium)
Minimal glare

The Ignite LED downlight is a truly amazing product. This downlight will fit most standard halogen downligh cutouts as is, or with an adaptor plate can replace old style incandescent downloghts up to 150mm diameter.

The acrylic difuser on this downlight produces a much wider spread of light than halogen downlights giving even lighting to your rooms.

One of our Energy Partners did a comparison between our Ignite LEDs and a traditional Halogen Downlight using their Thermal Imaging Camera.  The two pictures below are the thermal images of our LED Light (on the left) and a 50W Halogen downlight (on the right) were taken five minutes after the lights were turned on.


8W LED Downlight Heat Test

50W Halogen Lamp Heat Test

50W Halogen Lamp Heat Test








You can read what Energy Imaging have to say about our Ignite LED at the Energy Imaging Blog.

See what one of our customers says about her Ignite LED downlights….

Dear Reg

Just a note to thank you and Stuart most sincerely for the wonderful job you did supplying and installing LED lighting for me and my neighbour last month…

…Both my neighbour and I love our new LED lighting – it looks modern but is also unobtrusive. Most importantly, it is effective! We are thrilled that it is now actually possible to see in our lounge/dining areas with their 15 feet high ceilings for which our previous halogen downlighting was completely inadequate…

Anne Franklin
21 DCecember 2008

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An important feature of the Ignite LED downlight is that it does not require an external transformer. 12 volt transformers used in most halogen lighting installations in Australia are a major point of failure and account for a significant number of our callouts for lighting issues.

Imagine not having to change your globes for 10 years or more…

The Ignite LED downlight can make this a reality.

Did you know…

  • Halogen downlights can reach 200 degrees celcius and are responsible for several house fires in Australia…
  • The Ignite LED downlight can be held in your hand after being on for several hours.

Did you know…

  • In winter, the open spaces in Halogen downlight fittings cause valuable warm air to escape you home into your ceiling space…
  • The Ignite LED Downlight is a completely sealed unit that prevents this heat loss.

The Ignite LED downlight has been tested by LightLab international to NATA standards. Download the Test Report.

The Ignite LED Downlight – the perfect replacement for your downlights.

Energy Efficient Globes

Replace your halogens with energy efficient LED globes and save electricity. Halogen downlights are not only an environmental hazard but can also pose a fire risk if not installed properly. See the Commonwealth Government publication ‘ Sanctuary sustainable living with style for more information.

Applications : Domestic lighting, landscape lighting, pools, spas, ponds, clubs, pubs, restaurants, conference and stage lighting, commercial interior/exterior.